Latin Summer School 2024

Scholae Aestivae Latinitatis Vivae MMXXIV

It’s well known that one of the best ways of learning a language is to become totally immersed in it. After all, it’s how the natives do it! But what can you do if your chosen language is Latin, a language
that’s supposedly ‘dead’? Don’t worry, it’s still possible. In fact, becoming immersed in the language is an excellent way of avoiding the familiar struggles and frustrations many students experience with traditional, grammar-translation-based approaches to learning Latin.

Total immersion

Learn Latin as a Roman by total immersion: reading, speaking and writing!

The answer is to join the Addisco Latin Summer School. In this encouraging and often exhilarating
environment, you can enjoy the thrill of total immersion in Latin for up to two weeks. This summer (August 2024), Addisco will host its ninth Summer School.

Courses will be held at various levels, from Beginner to Advanced, suitable for everyone from high-
school students to teachers, as well as enthusiasts looking to share their passion with their fellow Latin fans around the world. Try it – It’s a unique experience!


Most students of Latin find reading texts frustrating, involving lots of puzzling, decoding, looking
words up, and so forth. By contrast, the main goal of the Addisco Summer School is to enable students to learn how to read and understand texts in a natural, fluent way, freeing them up to concentrate on meaning (‘the story)’, rather than form (‘the technicalities}’).


By learning Latin through Latin itself, you can go deeper into the meaning of the language, exploring
the nuances of vocabulary and style, and gaining a deeper appreciation of the literary qualities and
style of the original authors.
We aim to keep the Latin used at the Addisco Summer School as authentic as possible, using the
language of the best authors, for instance, or by avoiding making up ‘new’ words to fit modern
circumstances – though that can be fun, and can help us connect with the Latin we see in the world
around us today.


Together with your fellow students, your teachers and visiting staff, you form an ideal immersive
linguistic environment for learning Latin. And the more you take advantage of it, the more you will
benefit. You’ll find it increasingly easy to speak, read and write fluently in Latin.


Many of the Summer School participants are also school teachers. They often enjoy sharing ideas and tips, so they can improve their methods. That’s why we’ll be facilitating a number of workshops about language acquisition and various teaching techniques
in which teachers can exchange ideas and interact with others in the professional field.

General course information

Latin Summer School


Week 1: 5 - 9 August 2024
Week 2: 12 - 16 August 2024

Day & TIme

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 4 PM

Group size

The maximum number of participants every week is around 30 people. But we'll split the group in smaller groups of the same level of max. 10 students.


€ 650,- for 5 days of immersion, including drinks, snacks, lunch and drinks (with bites) on Friday. For further detail, check 'pricing'.

Additional material

Participants will receive a syllabus

Who for?

Zomerschool Latijn

From the early days, participants in the Addisco Summer School have ranged from high-school and
university students to teachers of classical languages, and people who are simply enjoying an unusual
hobby. Their ages have ranged from 10 to 80, and they come from all parts of the world. What they
share is their love of Latin.

If you have any questions or if you are unsure about which week to join, please feel free to contact us

Starters A0/A1 (week 1)
You have learned some Latin, but your knowledge of  grammar and vocabulary is not yet complete or you would like to start learning Latin from scratch.
You already have a relatively good mastery of Latin grammar (in written form).

Beginners A1/A2 (week 1)
You have little or no experience of speaking Latin, but have completed several years within your national school system syllabus.

Semi-advanced students A2 (week 2)
You have taken part in a previous Addisco Summer School and have full mastery of Latin grammar.

Advanced students C1 (week 2)
You have completed the Latin syllabus within your high-school syllabus and have also taken part in an Addisco Summer School in a previous year. You have complete mastery of grammar
and are comfortable speaking and understanding Latin.

Daily schedule

What does a day during the Latin Summer School look like?

Here you can read more on the course schedule. You are very welcome to stay the night during the course. We have two hotels with special rates for Addisco students, but if you have other plans, that’s completely fine.

10 AM – 12 PM (noon)

The first fifteen minutes we’ll spend getting a cup of coffee or tea. At 10:15 AM we’ll start the interactive Latin lessons using all kinds of methods. We’ll do exercises and have a short break planned for 11:15 AM.

Noon  – 1.30 PM

We’ll serve a sumptuous lunch, during which participants are stimulated to keep trying to speak Latin with each other and the teachers. During these conversations you’ll learn and practise a lot of Latin without even realising it! 

1.30 – 4 PM

During the afternoons we’ll use various activities where spoken Latin is practised in a playful way. Activities range from watching movies, singing, making music and hiking, to theater and play.


In week 1 en 2 we’ll also use the afternoons for didactics workshops for teachers and students on the use of active Latin. However, focus during this weeks will mainly be on active language proficiency.

4 PM – 10 AM

Evenings are open fro you to spend as you wish! For participants who live further away we have single or double/twin rooms in nearby hotel ‘Lapershoek’, breakfast included, see pricing). The hotel is located near Addisco, just a ten minute walk away.

Hotel ‘Lapershoek’ Hilversum

Guests who have stayed during previous years have spent a lot of time together in the evenings: games, walks, dinner, all in Latin! An extra dimension to this special week. 

4 – 6 PM

Fridays are conducted as every other day, but we do close off this special week with joint drinks and bites. This’ll give us an opportunity to chat about our experiences and say a proper goodbye.

Fabulous location

Our completely renovated educational center

After four years of renovating our new educational center is finally ready to welcome our students in the summer. We are very proud of this new meeting place for students and teachers. 

Our center is equipped with the newest technologies on climate control, making it very comfortable year round. The air in the classrooms is continually refreshed, without the drying effect regular AC normally has. We have several classrooms of various sizes available to facilitate small group study as well as lectures.

Our location is central in the Netherlands (by train just 20 min. from Amsterdam and Utrecht, and less than an hour from Schiphol Airport). A pleasant walk of just a few minutes from our center will either bring you in a lovely forest (with a field of vibrant purple flowers) or a bustling city center. 

What do participants say?​

"Roberto and Casper speak Latin as near native speakers, but always make sure you can understand them. I'm awed by their erudition."
Latin/Greek Teacher in Zwijndrecht
"I've had two great weeks: eye-openers all over. This experience has rekindled my love for Latin!"
Student Classical languages, Groningen
"This was so much fun and inspiring! I envy -and learned so much from- the teachers comprehensive and fluent knowledge of Latin."
Latin/Greek Teacher in Baarn
"Here you truly grasp Latin! I've learned more in a week at Addisco than in six years of school, six years of university and 20 years of teaching."
Latn/Greek Teacher in Stadskanaal
"You have inspiring and compelling personalities as teachers. I will copy your teaching practices for my classes. The course was enlightening and in-depth."
Latin/Greek teacher in Zwolle

About the teachers

Roberto Carfagni & Casper Porton

The Addisco Latin Summer School is nothing without Roberto Carfagni and Casper Porton, our main teachers. Both adhere to tried and tested methods  of language acquisition, such as the input hypothesis of Krashen, whilst always keeping up to date with any new research papers on teaching and language. They speak Latin throughout the day, even so they adapt their word-use, grammar and speech patterns to the level of the group, so you’ll be able to comprehend what they are saying.

Casper Porton & Roberto Carfagni

Roberto Carfagni (1983) was born in Montella (south of Italy). He has studied classical and modern literature at the Univeristy of Salerno and later at the Istituto Orientale of Napels.

For seven years Roberto taught at the Accademia Vivarium Novum (Rome) alongside Aloisius Miraglia. He has played an important role in the expansion of the now famous institute. Amid daily teaching he worked on several Latin books an authored (or co-authered) complements to the series  ‘Lingua Latina‘. He’s considered to be one of the best Latin speakers of this time.

Casper Porton (1985) is a pioneer in the field of teaching Latin in an active, comprehensible and compelling way. For his efforts in the Netherlands he has won the OIKOS prize in 2016. He is now internationally recognised as a great example for Latin teachers.

At just 20 years old he founded Addisco Education. convinced that anyone can learn Latin and Greek, provided they have the right teacher and the right method. He devotes all his time to teaching, developing new educational material and helping other teachers to reach their full potential.

Latin Summer School

  • 5 full days of lessons in Latin, by two excellent
    (Latin speaking) teachers
  • includes course material
  • includes coffee, tea and snacks
  • Fully catered with daily lunch and end of the week drinks & bites


    Participants who register before March 31 will receive a €65,- discount. This discount is for non-professionals*.
    For those who find the costs a barrier to participate, there are special (student) scholarships available.
    At Hotel Lapershoek (10 min. walk from Addisco), there are single and double rooms available including breakfast. You can book a room with a 15% discount using the following link:
    Addisco - Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek-Arenapark.


Ready for a week of Latin immersion?

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If you have any questions concerning your level or anything else, please feel free to contact us.
Call us on 0031 6381 22 149 or send us an email. 

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