Latin Summer School 2021

Scholae Aestivae Latinitatis Vivae MMXXI

Spending five days or more in an environment where only Latin is spoken (learn Latin through Latin!) is a very special experience. Immersion is one of the best and fastest methods to master a language. This is an excellent way to actually learn to read Latin texts from left to right without having to puzzle, analyze or translate.

Complete immersion

Learn Latin as a Roman by total immersion: reading, speaking and writing!

Next summer, in August 2021, Addisco will host the seventh edition of our unique Latin Summer School! Throughout three weeks of this Summer School you are welcome to join us to learn how to understand, speak, read and write Latin at different levels in one or more weeks using the best methods in the field of language acquisition and Latin didactics. Next year will be the first edition at our new educational center in Hilversum. 

We work independent of specific methods and connect the Latin language to the world around us, whilst we avoid neologisms as much as possible to keep it ‘classical’.

During the various weeks we read authentic Latin pieces from different periods. The main purpose of the Summer School is to better understand Latin and ultimately learn how to read Latin texts more easily and directly, without the need for puzzling, analysing or translating.

As the Latin central examination (May 2022) is dedicated to Ovidius, we will be spending some time reading this classical body of work, especially during week 2 and 3a, so Dutch teachers may combine class preparations with their own education.


By learning Latin in Latin, you'll learn to think in Latin! Plus, you'll attain a deeper understanding of the texts we deal with and a better comprehension of the extensive beauty of Latin.


The main goal of the Summer School is to learn how to read and understand texts from different periods in a natural way, without having to decode or puzzle.

Active output

With sufficient input throughout the week, you will find that you'll become increasingly better able to express yourself in Latin: both in spoken and in written form.


We'll facilitate additional workshops for teachers, focusing on different ways and methods to learn to use spoken Latin as a powerful didactic tool during your own lessons at school.

General course information

Latin Summer School


Week 1: 2 - 6 August 2021
Week 2: 9 - 13 August 2021
Week 3: 16 - 20 August 2021

Day & TIme

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 4 PM

Group size

Minimum 10 and maximum 25 participants


€ 650,- for 5 days of immersion, including drinks, snacks, lunch and drinks (with bites) on Friday. For further detail, check 'pricing'.

Additional material

Participants will receive a syllabus

Our participants

Who are our participants?

Zomerschool Latijn

Our summer school attracts people of varied levels of proficiency every year. Click on the various tabs below to find out more about which week would suit you the best.

We host the Addisco Minizomerschool Latijn especially for students ages 8-18. But if you don’t mind spending a week with adults, please feel free to join our regular Summer School. 

Week 1 – Beginners is suitable for high school students who are in higher grades of school and have already covered most of the grammar  (Dutch grades 4, 5 and 6), but who have limited or no experience with speaking Latin.

Week 2 – Semi advanced is meant for high school students who have already participated in the Addisco Summer School in previous years. Complete knowledge of all Latin grammar is required. 

Week 3a – Advanced targets high school students who have already participated in the Addisco Summer School in previous years, who have complete knowledge of all Latin grammar and are already used to understanding and speaking Latin.

Week 3b – Starters accommodates high school students who do not yet have complete knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary.  

If you wish to start learning Latin from the beginning, we suggest you follow a full Latin course with us or to participate in the Mini Summer School.

(Prospective) university students with differing educational backgrounds such as the Classical Languages, Theology, History, Archeology, Philosophy and Law, who have complete knowledge of Latin (grammar/vocabulary) can start with week 1 – Beginners.

Students with some experience regarding spoken Latin, because they have already participated in the Addisco Summer School are welcome in week 2 – Semi advanced.

More advanced Latin speakers can participate in week 3a – Advanced.

Students with little prior knowledge of Latin can join week 3b – Starters.

No knowledge of Latin yet? Please join a regular Latin course with us first before attending our Summer School.

For teachers we have three weeks on offer. You can choose to participate in one or multiple weeks! If you are unsure which week would be the best fit for you, please feel free to contact us. 

We recommend Week 1 (Beginners) for those who have little or no experience speaking Latin.

Week 2 (Semi Advanced) is primarily intended for teachers who have already participated in our Summer School in previous years. Don’t worry, we have fully upgraded our program since last year so we’ll be reading all new texts.

Week 3a (Advanced) is for the Latinists who are very advanced with their speaking and writing skills, who can easily read Latin texts from left to right and who can have a conversation in full Latin, with ease. This weeks’ programming has been updated as well this year!

Interested learners come in all shapes, ages and sizes: from people who once took a course of Latin (in high school) to people who never have before, but just wish to learn Latin (perhaps at an older age).

Week 3b (Starters) is meant for participants who have some basic knowledge of Latin grammar, but who do not yet master all grammar and vocabulary. This is an excellent starting point if you have not participated in our Summer School before. 

Week 1 (Beginners) is a good fit for Latin practitioners who do not use or need it in a professional capacity. Knowledge of all basic Latin grammar is required for this week. This week is a perfect refreshening course for those who have dormant knowledge of Latin. This week also suits those who have joined week 3b of our Summer School in previous years. 

Interested learners with full knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary and who have attended the Summer School before in week 1 or 2 can join this years’ week 2 (Semi Advanced)

Interested learners who already have excellent active Latin skills can join us in week 3 (Advanced).

If you have no knowledge of Latin yet, we recommend you follow a Latin course with us first.


6 levels (A0 - C1) within 3 weeks

Below you’ll find more information on all weeks and levels. If you have any questions or if you are unsure about which week to join, please feel free to contact us

Monday August 2 until Friday August 6, 2021; 10 AM – 4 PM

The first week is meant to those who know nothing about spoken or active Latin, but do have familiarity with the basics of Latin grammar and already have a (passive) vocabulary. In this week we welcome interested learners, former ‘gymnasium’ students, university students and teachers. 

This first week offers a great deal for the more advanced Latinist: you’ll learn to understand, read and speak Latin. This requires a totally different skillset in comparison to the more traditional approach of translating and analysing texts. A whole new world!

Our teachers speak Latin from the first introduction, in such a way that you’ll comprehend and acquire Latin in a natural way. 

We’ll start with chapters from Lingua Latina per se illustrata, a method that teaches you to directly read and understand Latin, without having to look up words or memorise grammar. In compliments to LLPSI we utilise any and all texts the teachers deem fit and fun (authentic if possible). 

The participating teachers will find it very interesting to see how quickly beginners learn Latin with the use of our methods. They’ll experience firsthand what it’s like to learn and teach Latin in this special way. 

Week 1 is the perfect starting point for those who are new to the Addisco Latin Summer School. In this week the participating teachers can join extra (separate) workshops on didactics and guidance for teaching classes. 

Monday August 9 until Friday August 13, 2021; 10 AM – 4 PM

The second week of the Latin Summer School provides for those who have participated in the first week or previous years to further deepen their knowledge. 

We’ll work with different texts, which we’ll use to interactively build on active Latin skills such as speaking and writing. Teachers will be able to attend separate lectures on specific teaching styles. 

We have totally freshened up the program so our returning participants will be able to join this week without trouble. Upon request we’ll incorporate elements of the advanced level group and, if necessary, split the group up into two groups according to level.

To enter this week, a complete knowledge of grammar (passive) and a considerable vocabulary is required. 

Monday August 16 until Friday August 20, 2021; 10 AM – 4 PM

During the third – and last – week of our Summer School we host the most advanced speakers, those who are already experienced Summer School attendees. Over the past years a group of regulars who are in possession of a more advanced skillset has formed. Depending on the wishes and needs of our participants, we prepare a program which will take our active Latin skills to the next level. 

The structure of the week will be familiar to these participants, but of course we use new texts. 
Throughout the week we will focus on:
– paraphrasing Latin, both orally and in writing;
– rewriting texts to a higher or lower level; 
– imitating the style of writing of different authors; 
– reading and discussing (in Latin) original Latin texts from different eras;
– upon request we’ll also work on didactics and the use of active Latin whilst teaching in school. We’ll split up the group when facilitating this. 

Monday August 16 until Friday August 20, 2021; 10 AM – 4 PM

As in previous years, we have a separate week for those who are not yet fully acquainted with basic Latin grammar and vocabulary. In week 3 we’ll host the advanced speakers and the starters simultaneously, but of course in separate groups.

This is the week for you if you’ve once attended a ‘gymnasium’, no matter how long ago. If you’ve never graduated from a ‘gymnasium’ this is also the week for you. If you are currently an Addisco student or have been in the past and you haven’t finished book 1 of Lingua Latina, this is your week during the Summer School. 

Using different techniques, we playfully introduce you to basic Latin grammar and read adapted and original Latin texts on different subjects, such as mythology. We’ll make use of the world around us: strolling through nature, singing, games. Anything is possible. 

If you’ve been a starter in this week before, please feel free to join week 1 this year. 

Is Latin completely unknown to you? Without prior knowledge of Latin, we recommend you take a Latin course with us first. 

With the exception of the starters in the separate group in week 3, the three weeks are organized according to the level of active Latin proficiency (week 1 – A beginners, week 2 – B (semi) advanced, week 3 – C advanced). Your ability to understand, read, speak and write Latin is most important. This means that even for teachers with years of experience it might be best to join us in week 1 if they’re not familiar with active forms of Latin.

You can join single weeks, but some of the weeks can be combined: week 1 and 2 and week 2 and 3a. 

Every week has a completely different programme with different texts, exercises and activities. So even if you’re already familiar with our Latin Summer School, you’ll be able to learn more with us this summer. 

Not sure which week is best for you? Please use the week selector below or feel free to contact us

Teachers & Classics' students

Week 1

2 - 6 August 2021

Beginners A2

Professionals with complete passive knowledge, but without any experience in active use of Latin. The perfect week if you haven't participated before.

Week 2

9 - 13 August 2021

(Semi) advanced B2

Professionals with some active (speaking) experience. Perfect for those who have participated in an Addisco Summer School before, but are not ready for C1.

Week 3

16 - 20 August 2021

Advanced C1

Professionals with a lot of experience speaking Latin. If you haven't joined this group before, please consult us first.

Amateurs, former 'gymnasium' students, interested learners

Beginners A1

Enthusiasts with basic knowledge of Latin grammar, but little to no Latin speaking experience. This week is also suitable for those who have joined week 3b in 2018 / 2019.

Semi advanced B1

Enthusiasts with full knowledge of Latin grammar, an extensive vocabulary and with some speaking experience. Very suitable for participants of 1 and/or 2 in earlier years.

Starters A0

Enthusiasts with a little knowledge of Latin grammar and little or no speaking experience. Perfect for people who have not joined an Addisco Summer School before!

Daily schedule

What does a day during the Latin Summer School look like?

Here you can read more on the course schedule. You are very welcome to stay the night during the course. We have two hotels with special rates for Addisco students, but if you have other plans, that’s completely fine.

10 AM – 12 PM (noon)

The first fifteen minutes we’ll spend getting a cup of coffee or tea. At 10:15 AM we’ll start the interactive Latin lessons using all kinds of methods (especially Lingua Latina). We’ll do exercises and have a short break planned for 11:15 AM.

Noon  – 1.30 PM

We’ll serve a sumptuous lunch, during which participants are stimulated to keep trying to speak Latin with each other and the teachers. During these conversations you’ll learn and practise a lot of Latin without even realising it! 

1.30 – 4 PM

During the afternoons we’ll use various activities where spoken Latin is practised in a playful way. Activities range from watching movies, singing, making music and hiking, to theater and play.


In week 1 en 2  (and upon request in week 3) we’ll also use the afternoons for didactics workshops for teachers and students on the use of active Latin. However, focus during this weeks will mainly be on active language proficiency. 

We offer courses specifically for teachers for developing their skillset as a Latin teacher.

4 PM – 10 AM

Evenings are open fro you to spend as you wish! For participants who live further away we have single or double/twin rooms in nearby hotel ‘Lapershoek’, breakfast included, see pricing). The hotel is located near Addisco, just a ten minute walk away.

Hotel ‘Lapershoek’ Hilversum

Guests who have stayed during previous years have spent a lot of time together in the evenings: games, walks, dinner, all in Latin! An extra dimension to this special week. 

4 – 6 PM

Fridays are conducted as every other day, but we do close off this special week with joint drinks and bites. This’ll give us an opportunity to chat about our experiences and say a proper goodbye.

Fabulous location

Our completely renovated education center

After two years our new educational center is finally ready to welcome our students in the summer. We are very proud of this new meeting place for students and teachers. 

Our center is equipped with the newest technologies on climate control, making it very comfortable year round. The air in the classrooms is continually refreshed, without the drying effect regular AC normally has. We have several classrooms of various sizes available to facilitate small group study as well as lectures.

Our location is central in the Netherlands (by train just 20 min. from Amsterdam and Utrecht, and less than an hour from Schiphol Airport). A pleasant walk of just a few minutes from our center will either bring you in a lovely forest (with a field of vibrant purple flowers) or a bustling city center. 

What do participants say?

"Roberto and Casper speak Latin as near native speakers, but always make sure you can understand them. I'm awed by their erudition."
Latin/Greek Teacher in Zwijndrecht
"I've had two great weeks: eye-openers all over. This experience has rekindled my love for Latin!"
Student Classical languages, Groningen
"Here you truly grasp Latin! I've learned more in a week at Addisco than in six years of school, six years of university and 20 years of teaching."
Latn/Greek Teacher in Stadskanaal
"This was so much fun and inspiring! I envy -and learned so much from- the teachers comprehensive and fluent knowledge of Latin."
Latin/Greek Teacher in Baarn
"You have inspiring and compelling personalities as teachers. I will copy your teaching practices for my classes. The course was enlightening and in-depth."
Latin/Greek teacher in Zwolle

Over de docenten

Roberto Carfagni & Casper Porton

The Addisco Latin Summer School is nothing without Roberto Carfagni and Casper Porton, our main teachers. Both adhere to tried and tested methods  of language acquisition, such as the input hypothesis of Krashen, whilst always keeping up to date with any new research papers on teaching and language. They speak Latin throughout the day, even so they adapt their word-use, grammar and speech patterns to the level of the group, so you’ll be able to comprehend what they are saying.  

Casper Porton & Roberto Carfagni

Roberto Carfagni (1983) was born in Montella (south of Italy). He has studied classical and modern literature at the Univeristy of Salerno and later at the Istituto Orientale of Napels.

For seven years Roberto taught at the Accademia Vivarium Novum (Rome) alongside Aloisius Miraglia. He has played an important role in the expansion of the now famous institute. Amid daily teaching he worked on several Latin books an authored (or co-authered) complements to the series  ‘Lingua Latina‘. He’s considered to be one of the best Latin speakers of this time.

Casper Porton (1985) is a pioneer in the field of teaching Latin in an active, comprehensible and compelling way. For his efforts in the Netherlands he has won the OIKOS prize in 2016. He is now internationally recognised as a great example for Latin teachers.

At just 20 years old he founded Addisco Education. convinced that anyone can learn Latin and Greek, provided they have the right teacher and the right method. He devotes all his time to teaching, developing new educational material and helping other teachers to reach their full potential.

Latin Summer School

  • 5 full days of lessons in Latin, by two excellent
    (Latin speaking) teachers
  • includes course material
  • includes coffee, tea and snacks
  • Fully catered with daily lunch and end of the week drinks&bites


  • 10% DISCOUNT:
    Current Addisco students who follow regular courses during the year get a 10% discount on the 5 day course. This discount is also applicable to high school and university students.
    In 4-star hotel 'Lapershoek':
    € 47,25 per night for a shared twin room
    (x 4 nights = € 189,- per person)
    € 85,50 per night for a single room
    (x 4 nights = € 342,- per person)
  • MEALS:
    Breakfast is included in the hotel price. For dinner, you can either join the dinner at the hotel, explore Hilversum on your own or ask us for our tips for nice and affordable restaurants. (Dutch restaurants usually have very good options for vegetarians.)


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If you have any questions concerning your level or anything else, please feel free to contact us.
Call us on 0031 35 631 59 28 or send us an email. 

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