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Great to see that you’re interested in our products. We’re working on facilitating a multilingual website, but unfortunately at the moment, our website and online shop are fully written in Dutch.

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First, you can browse our webshop and select the product or products that you like. We are the official publisher and distributor of the ‘Lingua Latina per se illustrata’ series by Hans Henning Ørberg.

We distribute our books exclusively in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our digital products are available worldwide.

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When you’ve found a product that you would like to purchase, click on the blue button ‘Bestellen’. By doing that, you’ll place the Carmina (or Exercitia or voice recordings) in your cart.

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After you’ve pressed the button, the shop will automatically guide you to your cart. Here you can make changes to the amount (Carmina Latina is only available to purchase once per person, since access is granted to your personal account) and check if your order is correct and complete.

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You’ll have to create an account on our website in order to access and/or download the digital material.

If you wish to leave a note for us or let us know something about your order, please let us know in the comment section below ‘Extra informatie, Bestelnotities’.

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On the right side you’ll find an overview of your order (‘Jouw bestelling’), with various payment methods. It’ll probably be most convenient for you to pay using PayPal or creditcard.

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Underneath the payment methods we state that we are very careful with your personal information. You can check our privacy policy.

To be able to place your order, you’ll have to agree with our Terms and Conditions.

The most important term is that we can’t refund the money of digital orders.

[4] Place your order

By pressing on the blue button ‘Bestelling plaatsen’ (= place your order), you’ll be guided through the payment process. Once you’ve paid, you have finalized your order. You’ll receive a confirmation email (automatically generated) and will have access to the course/online material and/or downloads

Our digital products

Lingua Latina per se illustrata

€ 29,99

Familia Romana (mp3 download)
All chapters (1-35) of Familia Romana recited in the classical reconstructed pronunciation of Latin by Hans Ørberg (1-31) and Casper Porton (32-35).

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€ 14,99

Carmina Latina (mp3 download)
13 songs in Latin by Alexander Veronensis complete with karaoke version, lyrics and video's for the first 13 chapters of Familia Romana.

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Exercitia Latina I - Digitaal
€ 24,99 yearly subscription

Exercitia Latina I - Digital
Digital version of the Exercitia Latina I with various exercises, answers, feedback and all recitations of the 35 chapters of Familia Romana (no download).

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About Addisco

A D D I S C O is a centre for Classical languages in The Netherlands that makes ancient Latin and Greek accessible for a wide audience by presenting the Classical languages as living languages. We teach you to understand the languages through listening, reading, speaking and writing. We make use of various modern teaching techniques and methods based on comprehensible input such as TPR (Total Physical Response), TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling),  ER (Embedded Reading) and SL (Story Listening).

Addisco is the official publisher and distributor of the Lingua Latina series in The Netherlands and other Dutch speaking countries).


Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or if you have any questions.

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