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ADDISCO Latin Summer School
For a full Latin immersion experience please join us in July and/or August 2018.


How would you like to learn Latin in Latin? It’s an extraordinary experience and proven to be an efficient method of acquiring Latin. Addisco Education provides you with the opportunity to join for one or two weeks this summer to learn to understand, read, write and even speak Latin with two of the best teachers and Latin speakers of our time.

Addisco Education distinguishes from other summer schools with its personal, informal, interactive and small-scale lessons: with a maximum of 20-25 students per group. Two experienced and creative teachers, Casper Porton (Casparius) and Roberto Carfagni (Robertus) share their active knowledge on Latin in quick-witted, interesting and funny instruction and assignments. With these teachers, it’s not just sitting and listening to endless recitation of Latin, no! Whether Roberto is explaining everything about the human body with Casper as a life-sized example or you are captivated by Casper as he vividly narrates a myth or fable, you will not be bored. You are invited to participate in various activities (reading, listening, speaking, writing) in- and outside the classroom, simultaneously learning Latin.


Participants of all ages and levels are welcome. Latin teachers and/or students are encouraged to participate in week 1-2: time will be allocated then for incorporating the shown teaching methods (TPR, TPRS, Story Listening, Embedded Reading and more) in your own Latin classes.

Week 3 is for absolute beginners, who either have not studied Latin before or whose Latin proficiency is too rudimentary to join in the second week. If you are unsure at which week is best suited for you, please feel free to contact us.

The programme is updated and refreshed every year, so if you already participated last year, we still have a completely new programme for you!


What does a week/day look like?

We start at 10.00 with reading and listening. Around 12.30 lunch is being served with fresh orange juice, coffee, tea, and milk. You are encouraged to keep speaking Latin, as you can stay in the flow that way. We pick up lessons again at 13.30. The afternoon is usually more active with Latin games, TPR, singing, hiking, movie watching and whatever we’d like to do. In weeks 1 and 2 there is time to study teaching methods with Casper, but the focus remains on acquiring Latin. On Friday we wrap up our week together with a sumptuous dinner. After which we say our goodbyes and see-you’s.


Four Latin weeks on different levels

WEEK 1 – Speaking level 1 (beginner)
Mon. 30 July – Fri. 3 August 2018; 10.00 – 16.00

Latin students and teachers and those with a complete knowledge of Latin grammar and a reasonable vocabulary can participate in the first week of Latin summer school. Note that the ‘beginner’ level of this week means ‘beginner in speaking Latin’. Following various (authentic) texts, stories and myths we also discuss teaching methods.

WEEK 2 – Speaking level 2 (intermediate)
Mon. 6 – Fri. 10 August 2018; 10.00 – 16.00

Those who are already doing courses at Addisco, or have previously done a Latin summer school, are advised to join the second week. A combination of week 1 and 2, or 2 and 3 is also possible. In this second week teachers Casper and Roberto take you on a thematic trip with various texts, assignments and interactive exercises. Teachers can learn more about the didactic model of Latin speaking during class in afternoon lessons and again, the afternoon is set up to be a more active part of the day in learning Latin. Students are encouraged to take initiative and show what they’ve learnt or created with regards to language acquisition. Some might write their own thematic texts, others perform a Latin play or song, whilst others prefer to request information regarding certain topics from their class practises. Anything goes!

WEEK 3 – Two groups A & B: for the most advanced and (abolute) beginners

A) Speaking level 3 (advanced)
Mon. 13 – Fri. 17 August 2017; 10.00 – 16.00

For advanced speakers Casper and Roberto focus on writing and rewriting Latin, paraphrasing (oral and written), imitating writing styles of specific authors and discussing themes in Latin. As this weeks group is usually the smallest (8-12 participants) the programme is created and adapted as needed.

B) (Absolute) Beginners
Mon. 13 – Fri. 17 August 2017; 10.00 – 16.00

If you are not familiar with Latin grammar rules and have an insufficient vocabulary, we recommend you join us in the first week. We read from a selection of materials, including LLPSI – Familia Romana. After lunch the teachers will expand on the morning lessons with activities such as Roman plays, games, songs and hikes.


As mentioned before: if you are unsure which week would suit you the best, please contact us and we’ll discuss options.


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A week of Latin summer school with us is priced at
€ 575,- per person. If you register before the end of March, you'll receive a € 50,- discount. Included are:

✔All lessons Monday to Friday;
✔All needed materials like texts, Wi-Fi access and digital exercises;
✔ Lunch, fresh fruits, snacks and coffee, tea and water.
✔ Dinner on Saturday in the Hotel De Drie Dorpen.


You are welcome to stay at De Drie Dorpen (the hotel we rented to teach).

A stay for four nights (including breakfast and dinner) in a private room costs € 220,-. If you don’t mind sharing a room, you’ll pay € 170,- for a week. Payment for lodging is due at the hotel itself. You are of course not obliged to stay in this particular hotel. You are free to search for your own accommodation.


Addisco Teachers

Roberto & Casper


Roberto (Robertus) Carfagni

Roberto Carafgni (1983), born in Montella, Italy, studied Classical and Modern literature, taught with Aloisius Miraglia at the Accademia Vivarium Novum, wrote several Latin books complementing the series Lingua Latina per se illustrata and has recently started his own Latin summer school (Schola Latina) in Montella.


Casper (Casparius) Porton

Casper Porton (1985) is one of the most influential Latin teachers in the Netherlands. Starting Addisco at only 20 years old, his vision of teaching is that it should be fitted to the students. “We should teach the way we know students learn, and that means using the natural capacity of humans to acquire language, and making it fun and meaningful as we do so.”


“This is where you actually acquire Latin. I’ve learned so much in one week! I am astounded by the enormous amount of knowledge, charisma and enthusiasm of Casper and Roberto.”

“Wow, what an amazing course! You are guided, gradatim, to unknown paths within the language. Just listening to these marvellous Latin teachers helps you activate your passive knowledge. I’ll be back next year, for sure.”

“I was impressed by these young, vivacious teachers who seem to speak Latin as their native tongue, all the while making sure that we students understand each and every word they say.”

“This is a course every Latin teacher and student should do, in my opinion. A very inspiring week with loads of eye-openers.”

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The Addisco Latin Summer School is in the Netherlands. We stay at Hotel De Drie Dorpen (the three villages) in Ankeveen, which is a small village next to Hilversum. Hilversum is about 20 minutes from Amsterdam by train.

We'll provide you with a detailed description when you sign up. You can rent a car or a bike near Hilversum station.

The taxi is very expensive in the Netherlands, so we recommend biking and/or using the public transport system.


Route De Drie Dorpen


Sign up!

If you have any questions or want to sign up, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!